About Us

American Business Consulting Group

American Business Consulting Group (ABC) is an administrative services organization that provides employee benefits, payroll, human resource services, property casualty, and retirement planning to our clients. Our formidable network of alliances allows us to offer the power of a large system to a smaller client base. Basically, we broker benefits and customized payroll and human resource packages for businesses, and what is more, we pride ourselves on being the experts.

ABC Enterprises offers a complete, flexible and integrated human resources management solution with everything from payroll processing, employee assistance and training programs and HR administration. We also offer 401K, Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Insurance and Workers’ Compensation Insurance programs.

Company Vision

To be the leader in employee benefits and HR services by offering the most competitive, caring, and customer-centric products and services available.

Mission Statement

To be an integral solution and risk transfer provider of your human capital needs. We strive to become an extension of your human resource department, by securing your trust as we implement best-in-class processes and services.

Corporate Values

ABC’s – Above and Beyond Customer Service

  • We constantly ask: “How can I make their day?” Every small effort to go the extra step adds up to an exceptional customer experience.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

  • To simplify is to understand. We seek every opportunity to de-hassle our teams and make processes easier for our customers.

Positive Team and Family Spirit

  • Our team is our greatest resource. When we treat those around us with unconditional respect, we create a cooperative environment that can conquer any task.

Financial Integrity

  • Our financial integrity is a cornerstone of our vision. We use this discipline in providing meaningful products and service to our customers.

Embrace and Encourage Change

  • True innovation comes from questioning existing methods. We welcome this process and the revelations that follow as a critical part of our growth.

Solutions Driven

  • We exemplify both the passion that pushes us to take on new challenges, and the determination to continue until we’ve accomplished our goals.

PMI Enterprises

PMI Enterprises (PMI) is a full service, hands on independent insurance agency providing a plethora of insurance products. Our firm leverages our deep expertise in employee-based plans, business insurance, and personal insurance to help our clients navigate every aspect of their employee benefits start-to-finish.

Reaching out to the community by which we serve, PMI has an outstanding track record of success in providing top-notch customer satisfaction. We understand that responsiveness is what our clients are looking for, and we deliver. Our expertise has helped our clients navigate every aspect of insurance selection and coverage along with optimum cost-savings.

Staffed with a team of seasoned professionals, with over 50 years combined experience, it is our goal is to provide custom designed insurance solutions best suited for your companies needs.

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