Employee Benefits

The employee benefit planning process is consistently changing as well as very sophisticated. It can be challenging for decision makers to stay present and also aware of completely new benefit strategies available on the marketplace. American Business Consulting eliminates the guesswork and chaos linked to implementing and provides simplicity and cost control.

We offer extensive as well as personalized benefits consulting and administration in which addresses and targets strategic business goals. We have built our reputation on ethics, exceptional support services, focus, responsiveness and creative imagination. Providing a dedicated course of action, our clients have been able to manage benefit costs over extended periods of time, boost workflow capabilities and enrich their employees.

American Business Consulting is there to do the heavy lifting from healthcare coverage to human resources and beyond. Our trained, dedicated and expert staff offers guidance as well as support to your primary goals associated with administering employee benefits, managing expenses and providing effective solutions.


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Medical / Dental / Vision/ Life Insurance Programs

At American Business Consulting Group, we realize what a challenge it is to provide both an appealing, plausible and beneficial medical/dental/vision insurance coverage to your employees. That’s why we’re first to none at plan design—like an architect with all the materials needed and an open blueprint.

Plan Management

American Business Consulting Group offers comprehensive plan management for various health and benefit program needs:

  • Assessment
  • Benchmarking
  • Communications
  • Compliance
  • Pricing
  • Renewals
  • Reporting
  • Affordable Care Act Reporting/Compliance
  • Assistance in plan design and funding options
  • Preparation of all plan documents
  • Summary Plan Descriptions
  • Periodic Plan Changes
  • Employee forms and Materials
Plan Administration

From enrollment, billing to customer service, American Business Consulting Group can handle all aspects of plan administration for your company. Some of the plans we often administer:

  • Cafeteria Programs (Section 125)
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Individual
  • Voluntary
Life Insurance

American Business Consulting Group knows that life insurance is very important to protecting your company family and their families as well. We’ll help your company designs a proper plan to make sure that all expenses of your employees are covered.

Short Term Disability (STD)

Several situations with disabilities lasting a few weeks or longer are very common in the workforce. Most people don’t realize that those kinds of short term disabilities can have a heavy financial impact on an employee like pregnancies for example. Providing the security of Short Term Disability helps employers attract and keep experienced workers at an affordable cost by ensuring peace of mind.

Long Term Disability (LTD)

Several situations with disabilities lasting months or even years can’t be ignored. Most people don’t realize that those kinds of Long Term disabilities will definitely have a heavy financial impact on an employee and there family. Providing the security Long Term Disability helps employers attract and keep experienced workers at an affordable cost by ensuring peace of mind.

Wellness Programs

Wellness programs are gaining popularity as many employers recognize the value of teaching and encouraging employees to take responsibility for their own health. Wellness program can benefit employers by lowering health care costs, reducing workers’ compensation and disability-related cost, and improving your employee’s morale and loyalty. Wellness programs work best when they are custom to your company’s unique culture and is already proven to be a positive return-on-investment.

Employee Benefit Communications

Liability and compliance are two of many reasons to make sure that your benefits are properly communicated to employees. Perhaps more importantly, your investments in employee benefits is a considerable one — ensure that employees participate effectively, understand their benefits and appreciate their value, through effective benefits communication.

Multiple Communication Methods

We know that most people are more receptive and engaged when benefit material is presented in multiple ways. Newsletters, benefit summaries and booklets will only keep their attention for a while. To keep employees tuned in and responsive for a full hour long lecture you should incorporate all of the tools available at your disposal. With American Business Consulting Group you will have access to:

  • Paper Memos
  • Flyers
  • Payroll Stuffers
  • Benefit Handbooks
  • Benefit Statements
  • Newsletters
  • Total compensation statements.
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Video Library- Incorporating video is an extremely effective way to help employees understand and appreciate their employee benefits plan. We can custom design a benefit communication video or series of videos for all situations.
  • Benefit Portal- Your employees will have access to all of their benefit information 24/7 though your secure online benefits portal. You can incorporate every tool at your disposal on this site including all of the methods listed above.
Beyond Open Enrollment

Sending a consistent message all year will help ensure your employees become knowledgeable in your benefit program.

Comprehensive Solutions

We work hand and hand with a number of group of insurance carriers for a broad variety of benefits packages with many of choices. As your dedicated American Business Consultant, we will then make many recommendations to construct and implement, extensive employee benefits solutions to your unique organization.

A Message from Paul Meli

With over 300+ clients as proof of our effectiveness in delivering reliable benefit solutions for over 30 years, I personally hope you will allow us to extend our knowledge and expertise to prove our value in employee benefits.